Evidence of Curvature: Turning Torso Building, Malmö, Sweden

Turning Torso is a 190 m (623 ft) high building in Malmö, Sweden. It is situated near the strait of Øresund. At the other side of the channel lies the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, only 15 km (9 miles) away from Malmö. Turning Torso has a distinctive segmented shape that is easy to recognize from far. And more importantly for our purposes, the segmented form is making it easy to judge its height from far.

Predictably, when seen from a sufficient distance, the lower portions of the building appear obscured by Earth’s curvature. And it is covered more as we go farther. At the farthest observation done by Mathias KP, more than half of the building is obscured by Earth’s curvature.

This fact can only happen if the Earth is spherical, and can never be explained by the flat-Earth model.