Fact-Fabrication Blending in Conspiracy Theories

Perpetrators of conspiracy theories, including flat Earth, like to mix real-world facts & their fabrications. As a result, the victims cannot differentiate the fact parts and the fabrication parts of the conspiracy, then wrongly use references to the fact parts as “evidence” of the fabrication parts.

For example, they often wrongly use the fact that Illuminati was real as “evidence” they control our lives. In reality, Illuminati was a real-world, historical secret society. But it does not prove that Illuminati is controlling everything in our lives.

Similar things exist in conspiracy theories. The fact that Freemason exists does not prove they are controlling our lives. The fact that weather modifications exist does not prove that condensation trails left by airplanes are an effort to modify weather. Wernher von Braun worked for Nazi Germany does not prove he worked on behalf of the Nazis at NASA.