Antipodal Tide

Tides are the result of the variation of lunar gravitational acceleration over all the material of which the Earth is composed. They are not caused by the magnitude of such acceleration exerted on a specific location only.

Flat-Earthers discovered that the position away from the Moon is also having a tide, not just the location where the Moon is directly overhead. Then, they were happy to proclaim that it is a failure of science to explain tides. In reality, tides are the result of the variation of lunar gravity over the entire Earth, not just the magnitude of the lunar acceleration on a single location only.

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The Non-Correlation Between Salinity and Tides

Seawater salinity does not have a correlation to tides. Just because seawater has a higher salinity than lake water, it does not mean salinity causes tide.

Some flat-Earthers claim tides are the result of salinity. They are wrong. There are bodies of water that do not have tides as large as seawater, but their salinity is much higher than seawater.

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Why Tides Do not Occur on Lakes or Other Bodies of Water

All the seas and oceans around the world are connected. Water can freely flow between them. That’s the reason tide can occur on them.

On the other hand, lakes are isolated from one to another. Water cannot freely flow between them. That is the reason tide in meaningful amount cannot occur on lakes or any other bodies of water.

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The topic of tide come up frequently in the flat-Earth community. Let’s examine some of the ‘issues’ they brought up about tides in Q&A format.

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