Humans first went to the Moon in Apollo missions. To some, the feat seems so farfetched they would rather believe the false notion it was filmed on Earth. To make an in-joke out of it, some films & other media featured the conspiracy theory as a parody.

Flat-Earthers and other believers of the moon hoax conspiracy theory naturally cannot realize that they are being featured as objects of a joke. These parodies spread in their communities as though they are “proof” or “endorsements” of their false belief.

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Karen Nyberg Green Screen Video Hoax

A video hoax spread in flat-Earth communities, incorrectly claiming the woman in the video is astronaut Karen Nyberg, supposedly in the process of faking microgravity in front of a green screen.

In reality, the woman in the video is Paige Windle, who made the video with a flat-Earther (also her partner), David Weiss. Weiss did attempt to correct it, but many flat-Earthers do not appear to be aware that Weiss was trying to say the woman is not Karen Nyberg, nor are they willing to accept being victims of a hoax.

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“If Earth Isn’t Flat” Meme Series

“If Earth Isn’t Flat” is a photoshop meme series juxtaposing two images, one normal & one curved, satirizing a common pattern frequently seen in many arguments from flat-Earthers.

This meme series makes fun of flat-Earthers & their arguments. However many flat-Earthers fail to realize they are the objects of ridicule in these images & ironically end up using the images to ridicule other people who accept that Earth is a sphere instead.

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Frivolous Legal Threat From Ebenezer Breach Against Sir John Gorst

In 1899, Ebenezer Breach, a flat-Earther, threatened to sue Sir John Gorst, UK’s secretary of education, for teaching globe Earth. The story is the source of a hoax in today’s flat Earth communities.

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NCSE’s Satirical Article “Gravity: It’s Only a Theory”

The NCSE is an organization to educate the public & the press about evolution & climate change. They wrote a satirical article, “Gravity: It’s Only a Theory,” to demonstrate what might happen if a science denialist refuses the existence of gravity using the same “logic” that they use to reject the existence of evolution.

NCSE does not deny gravity & it is mentioned at the beginning of the article that it is a satire. Flat-Earthers failed to notice that, and it became a hoax that they use to support their false belief. The author probably did not expect there are far more extreme denialists that can go as far as to reject gravity & even beyond.

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New York Journal’s Article in January 31, 1897

On January 31, 1897, the newspaper New York Journal wrote an article about the astonishing fact that many people still believe in a flat Earth and are trying to “prove” it.

The article was illustrated with an image of a flat Earth and today’s flat-Earthers use it as “evidence” we knew Earth is flat since centuries ago. In reality, the article was about the phenomenon there were people who still believed Earth is flat. The article did not endorse the notion that Earth is flat.

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Operation Avalanche

Operation Avalanche is a conspiracy thriller film released in 2016. It is of a deconstructive parody genre that assumes as if the Apollo moon landings did not occur and gives a fictional backstory on how secret agents managed to “fake” the moon landings.

Flat-Earthers took footage from the movie, then modified them to make them more convincing, and presented the result as if it is a recently discovered video on how the moon landings were “faked.” The video then spread in flat-Earth communities as a hoax.

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