Karen Nyberg Green Screen Video Hoax

A video hoax spread in flat-Earth communities, incorrectly claiming the woman in the video is astronaut Karen Nyberg, supposedly in the process of faking microgravity in front of a green screen.

In reality, the woman in the video is Paige Windle, who made the video with a flat-Earther (also her partner), David Weiss. Weiss did attempt to correct it, but many flat-Earthers do not appear to be aware that Weiss was trying to say the woman is not Karen Nyberg, nor are they willing to accept being victims of a hoax.

David is a staunch flat-earther. He made the video ostensibly to demonstrate how astronauts “faked” their videos as part of his many attempts to spread flat-Earth misinformation. Real astronauts did not fake their video, however, and David was misinformed, or rather tried to misinform others. But he did not claim the woman in the video was Karen Nyberg.

Other people took the video from David’s account and added the misleading remark that the person was Karen Nyberg. It is difficult to pinpoint who first spread the hoax. But they might be other flat-earthers or like it is often the case, someone trolling flat-earthers for personal enjoyment, exploiting flat-earthers’ extreme gullibility.

A few verified accounts with many followers spread the hoax, unfortunately, giving the hoax much undue attention.