Sun Outage

A Sun outage is a disruption of geostationary satellite signal caused by interference of the sun when it falls directly behind a satellite with which a receiver is communicating. Sun outages occur around the March equinox and September equinox.

Flat-Earthers fail to understand how the schedule of a Sun outage depends on the satellite and the receiver’s location. And they use it to discredit the fact. In reality, it is not difficult to visualize how a Sun outage occurs, and it will be consistent with the expectation.

Some of the usual misconceptions include claiming that a sun outage should occur only exactly during an equinox. A sun outage will occur precisely during an equinox only for receivers precisely on the equator. Receivers on a high latitude are slightly off-axis. Sun outages occur before the March equinox and after the September equinox for receivers in the Northern Hemisphere, and vice-versa for receivers in the Southern Hemisphere.