Missions to the Moon, Post-Apollo

“After Apollo, there was never another mission to the Moon. It means that the Apollo missions were faked, and we never actually went to the Moon.”

That’s how flat-earth believers think about Apollo missions, and missions to the Moon in general. Because they think there was never any missions to the Moon after Apollo, then they conclude that the Apollo mission was staged, and never happened.

Is that so? Apparently not. Although by the time this article was written, Apollo is still the only mission to the Moon that brought humans up there, doesn’t mean there are no missions to the Moon after that.

The Apollo program was not exclusively a science mission, but also a political one. The United States was involved in a cold war with the Soviet Union. Both countries were in fierce competition in every way in order to gain influence on other countries. The Space Race happened, and the USSR had beaten US by launching the first satellite, and sending the first human into space. The Apollo program was created in response to these setbacks.

Political reasons primarily drove humans to the Moon. This was a massively publicized event and were broadcast live on television. But, if it were for scientific reason alone, there are a lot of things that can be done without actually sending humans to the Moon. It would also be much cheaper and carry far less risks.

After Apollo, there has been numerous missions to the Moon, only without sending humans up there and certainly without the publicity. And not just the US/Russia, but other countries as well. Europe, Japan, India, and China had also conducted missions to the Moon.