Global Conspiracy Smoke and Mirrors

Some flat-Earthers use the so-called global conspiracy as an ‘escape hatch’ in order to abandon a losing argument without having to appear to lose face.

When being cornered, some flat-Earthers will tell you the ‘flat-Earth theory’ is a work in progress, it is normal for it to be incomplete, for now. “But, ” it is inevitable they would say this, “the most important thing is to uncover the global conspiracy and save the world from these unscrupulous few!”

In reality, the global conspiracy theory itself is simply their own invention.

The global conspiracy theory is simply an ad-hoc hypothesis invented to explain away all the inconsistencies in the flat-Earth model. It is there simply because it is impossible to explain the flat-Earth model without having to accuse others of doing conspiracy.

Let’s consider this chain of ad-hoc hypotheses:

  1. The Earth is flat
  2. Antarctica is the edge, it is not a continent, it is a massive ice wall surrounding the Earth.
  3. We can’t go there to verify the fact ourselves. They won’t let us. They are heavily guarding Antarctica to prevent us from going there.

Without the conspiracy in 3, 2 is a perfectly valid hypothesis and its correctness will be decided once we get a team to investigate there. But they cannot let anyone find out the truth! So, they decide it is impossible to go there by inventing the conspiracy theory in 3. By doing that, they are shutting the door for any possible evidence of 2. They simply assume 2 to be true unless proven otherwise. And they will not let anyone prove it. If anyone claimed to have gone there, they will be accused of lying, or being part of the conspiracy themselves. This way, 1 cannot ever be falsified, thanks to the conspiracy theory in 3, which is unfalsifiable itself.

The only way to prove the existence of the conspiracy is to go back a step and determine the true figure of the Earth. From multiple observation that we can do ourselves, it is not that hard to confirm that the Earth is a sphere. And therefore there cannot be a cover-up to hide the “fact” that the Earth is flat.