Apollo 11 Post-Flight Press Conference

Flat-Earthers claim that the Apollo 11 astronauts were gloomy and uneasy at their press conference. They allege this was due to their guilt of faking the Moon landing. In reality, the press conference was full of jokes and laughter.

Unscrupulous conspiracy theorists cherry-picked a single photo from the press conference video in which the astronauts were serious. They abuse the picture to ignite our emotions and lead us to believe the hoax they created that the Moon landings did not occur.

This particular flat-Earthers’ claim tells us more about their behavior than about the moon landing itself. They believe emotionally that the Moon landing did not happen and will cherry-pick even the slightest fact —like an ordinary human expression— and turn it into “evidence” of what they want to believe. And at the same time, ignore all the overwhelming facts that go against their belief.