Difference in Hidden Height Calculation Results

Flat-Earthers use “8 inches per mile squared” to calculate the hidden height of a distant object. It is not the proper formula as it ignores the observer’s height & refraction. It will result in an erroneously larger hidden height than the correct amount.

A 2-m-tall observer will be able to see a 5-m-high object at 10 km. However, the 8-inches rule erroneously tells it should be entirely hidden. It is the source of a lot of flat Earth misinformation.

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Curvature App

Curvature App is a web application we can use to create a simulation of the horizon’s shape and the visibility of distant objects on a flat and spherical Earth. Curvature App is available at walter.bislins.ch/Curve.

When determining a distant object’s visibility, flat-Earthers often use wrong calculators that fail to account for all the important variables and give them incorrect results. Curvature App accounts for all of these variables, and not only it gives us the numbers, but also the simulated view.

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