“Who Recorded This?”

Showing a photo or video from the Apollo Moon landings, then rhetorically asking “Who took or recorded this image?” is a common behavior exhibited by many flat-Earthers, as if there is no plausible answer, and only a conspiracy theory can possibly answer it.

In reality, there are simple answers to those questions. And it is very easy for anyone to find the answers.

Neil Armstrong’s “one small step” video is a video that commonly gets asked. In reality, the video was taken from a TV camera mounted on the side of the Lunar Module of the Apollo 11.

There is also a picture showing an astronaut descending a ladder. They would say it was Neil Armstrong, and ask, “If Neil Armstrong was the first person on the Moon, then who took this picture?” In Reality, it was not Neil Armstrong, but Buzz Aldrin. Neil was already on the lunar surface and took the picture.

Several photos are showing the Lunar Module (LM) taken from the Command & Service Module (CSM). LM performed the landing on the Moon, while CSM stayed on lunar orbit. All the Apollo missions were staffed by three astronauts. Two astronauts went to the moon, and the other remained with the CSM in lunar orbit. These photos were taken by the lone astronaut that remained in the lunar orbit.

Last but not least, there are videos showing the LM launch from the lunar surface. There was no astronaut left behind to take the videos. The videos were taken from a TV camera mounted on the lunar rover and remotely controlled from Houston. NASA attempted it three times on the Apollo 15, 16 & 17. They finally succeeded in taking the footage on the third attempt.