Weight = Gravitational Force

The weight of an object is the force exerted on the object by gravity. The gravitational force exerted by the Earth on an object is what we refer to as ‘weight’.

Many flat-Earthers fail to understand that the gravitational force is just another name for ‘weight’. Many misconceptions in the communities of flat Earth victims arise from such a misunderstanding.

One of the most common misconceptions found in the flat Earth community is that if gravity is so strong that it can make ocean water ‘stuck’ on Earth, then it should affect objects that weigh less like feathers & dandelions with a far stronger force. They are wrong.

What we experience as the weight of an object is, in fact, the force of gravity itself, which is exerted by the mass of the Earth. The more massive an object, then the higher is its weight, or in other words, the greater the gravitational force exerted by the Earth on the object; and therefore, it would require more force to lift the object.