Nikola Tesla Was Not Erased From History and Modern Education

Nikola Tesla was a very influential physicist, engineer, and inventor. Due to his influences, various things are named after him.

Many conspiracy theories hijack the reputation of Nikola Tesla, including flat-Earth. They claim Tesla was a flat Earth scientist, and his name was deliberately erased from history books and modern education. In reality, Tesla was a genuine scientist, and it is not hard to find out that many things today are named after Nikola Tesla.

The scientific communities regard Tesla as one of the most influential scientists. Nobody erased Tesla from history. Today, the name “Tesla” is used for various purposes, including:

  • The IEEE Nikola Tesla Award is given for contributions to the generation or utilization of electric power.
  • Tesla is the name of a leading electric car manufacturer.
  • The largest airport in Serbia is named Nikola Tesla Airport.
  • A minor planet and a lunar crater are also named after Tesla.

The name Tesla is also used as the unit of magnetic flux density. He is one among the few scientists that have a unit after their names, which include  Ampere, Kelvin, Becquerel, Celcius, Coulomb, Faraday, Galileo, Gauss, Gray, Henry, Hertz, Joule, Kelvin, Newton, Ohm, Pascal, Siemens, Sievert, Volta, Watt, and Weber. Anyone that has studied electromagnetism has certainly heard about Tesla.