Airplanes Do Correct for the Coriolis Effect

Airplanes do correct for the Coriolis effect. They constantly make adjustments to counter forces that try to push them away from the planned route, including the Coriolis force.

Flat-Earthers claim the Coriolis effect does not appear to affect airplanes, and they use it to “prove” that Earth is stationary. In reality, the Coriolis effect does affect airplanes, and we do have to correct for it. But the effect is tiny, and we can safely ignore it in flight planning.

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Dropping Object Experiments

An object falling straight downward will be slightly deflected due to Earth’s rotation. It is the Coriolis effect that arises from the vertical motion of the object. Several experiments have confirmed it since the 18th century.

Flat-Earthers claim that we cannot observe the deflection from falling objects, and they use it as “evidence” that Earth is stationary. In reality, it is possible to detect and measure the deflection with careful observation and a significant height, but the amount of deflection is too small in everyday scenarios.

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Fictitious Force

A fictitious force is a force that appears to act on every object when the frame of reference is accelerating. The term “fictitious” does not mean the force does not exist, but it is not an actual force that arises from an interaction between objects.

Flat-Earthers noticed gravity is considered a fictitious force and use the fact to “prove” gravity does not exist. In reality, we can feel a fictitious force. It is merely a term we use for forces that arise due to an accelerating frame of reference.

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