Humans Are Social Beings – Science is a Social Process

We often hear flat-Earthers ask if we have researched by ourselves all the things we claim. If we don’t research it by ourselves but rely only on information from third-party, then —according to them— we should never trust the information.

This is obviously wrong. Humans are social beings. In a lot of things, we don’t have a choice but to place trust in others, so we can continue with our lives. Even flat-Earthers are no exception.

We don’t produce every food we eat every day. The same goes with science. A lot of research topics require mutual trust and cooperation between multiple people. Even with people whose day-to-day job is research, there won’t be enough time to carry out research on every topic imaginable.

But it doesn’t mean the results of scientific research are taken as granted and cannot be questioned. We call something a scientific consensus precisely because it has been verified by multiple independent parties, sometimes over several years, or even centuries. Everyone is welcome to do independent verification, and this is in fact encouraged. But, just because we haven’t done the verification ourselves, it doesn’t mean the facts are wrong.

Science is a social process. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Unlike other species, we have intelligence. We can continue the research done by our predecessor without redoing it all over again from scratch. Human beings can’t accomplish much if everyone has to research everything again from the very basic.

The M.O. of these unscrupulous flat-Earth architects is to plant the seeds of hate and prejudices to their victims, so their social functions are no longer working. If they are successful, the victims would trust only these FE masterminds and their inner circle; and will not be able to correctly assess information from any person they consider as ‘outsider’.