Satellites in Earth’s Photos

A satellite’s size is as small as a mobile phone to as large as a football field. The largest is 109 m, still far too small compared to Earth at 2742 km in diameter.

Satellites are not visible in Earth images. Flat-Earthers use the fact as “evidence” of deception. In reality, satellites are tiny compared to Earth. They are invisible in Earth images the same way ants are not visible in images of a football field.

The largest satellite is the ISS, about 109 m in length. The Earth is 12742 km across and 116900× the size of the largest satellite. For comparison, if a football field is 110 m long and the size of an ant is 3 mm, then a football field is 36667× the size of an ant.

If the ant is not visible in a photo of an entire football field, then a satellite in an image of Earth is even less visible.