Richard Garriott’s “Pocket of Gravity” Magic Trick

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Richard Garriott is a video-game developer and entrepreneur who is also an avid magician. In October 2008, he flew to the ISS onboard a Soyuz rocket as a private astronaut. During his time on the ISS, he performed several magic tricks.

One of his magic tricks involves a hammer that floats and a card that seems to fall as if it is pulled down by gravity. Flat-Earthers were unaware it was a mere magic trick and wrongly assume it demonstrates things are falling in the ISS, despite other objects in the scene that float.

Richard Garriott himself has several times clarified that it was a magic trick, including once in a ‘Flat Earth Debate’ hosted by a radio station.

Even after being repeatedly told, some flat-Earthers insist the scene was not a magic trick. If we were to use the same ‘logic,’ then we can also say that David Copperfield really walked through the Great Wall of China.

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