Taxonomy of Flat-Earthers’ Reaction

Many observations disprove a flat Earth, but flat-Earthers are powerless and incapable of letting go of their belief. We classify the various reactions exhibited by flat-Earthers when confronted with such observations into three broad categories:

  • Type-A reaction: ad hoc rescue
  • Type-B reaction: ad hominem
  • Type-C reaction: willful ignorance

Type-A reaction: ad-hoc rescue

They attempt to invent an “explanation” as if the observation can occur on a flat Earth. In this case, the subject acknowledges that the observation occurs, but insist that it can happen if the Earth were flat while thinking for an excuse.

If the information is easily verified from an observation that everyone can do themselves, there is a good chance they will use this type of reaction. It is impossible to lie about an observation that everyone can personally do.

Type-B reaction: ad hominem

They attack the credibility of the person involved in the observation, or the person giving the information, and then dismiss the data as a lie. In this case, the subject rejects the information because it has been manufactured. For example, it is a CGI, or it was photoshopped.

If the information came from a third party, and cannot be easily verified by a regular person, there is a higher chance the subject will use this type of response.

Type-C reaction: willful ignorance

They ignore the information, pretending as if it does not exist, or that they never heard about it. They can react in many different ways. They can respond emotionally, present an argument irrelevant to the information, or simply ignore the data and go away. But ultimately, they never mention the original data.

The subject will use this reaction type if they cannot use Type-A or Type-B reactions. They know they cannot defend their arguments against the information. Some know they are wrong, but still unwilling to accept reality, or too proud to appear proven wrong in public.