Quality of a Photograph

The quality of a photograph depends on the quality of the equipment. Higher quality equipment tends to give us better results than lower quality ones.

Flat Earthers like to use their Nikon P900/P1000 to take a picture of planets. When they discover their results have far worse quality than the images from NASA, they would conclude NASA must have faked them. In reality, it was due to their equipment are not in the same league as NASA’s, not to mention the skills to operate the equipment.

The left picture in the illustration is Saturn that was taken from a P900 in a single shot; without additional post-processing. The other picture was taken from the spacecraft Cassini during its mission to study Saturn in 2017.

The Cassini mission itself had a budget of more than three million times the price of a single Nikon P900. Surely it should give us better results than a P900. Flat-Earthers’ expectations that a picture of Saturn taken from a P900 must have the same quality as those from the Cassini mission is unrealistic.