The Philosophy of CGI

When a photo of spherical Earth is pointed out to flat-earthers, they would dismiss it as CGI in the blink of an eye; even if they haven’t done any analysis at all. They do this because their belief in flat-Earth is not evidence based, and any evidence contrary to their beliefs needs to be invalidated no matter how.

They are so used to doing it and sometimes they become confused by it themselves, to the point that they would take a slightest hint of digital manipulation of any picture of the Earth as an evidence of the flat Earth.

This is a logical fallacy: the argument from ignorance. They claim the Earth is flat because (according to them) there is no evidence (that they can accept) that says otherwise. There is no need to prove a flat Earth, because (they assume) there is no evidence that the Earth is spherical.

Beyond pictures of the Earth, they would do the same to time-lapse video of Antarctic midnight sun, southern star-trail pictures, picture of curved power lines and other photos not supporting their beliefs. Any slightest imperfection is going to be dissected under scrutiny; to the point that if we apply these ‘proofs’ to any photo of anything, then it is going to be very easy to ‘prove’ it as fake.

Everyone would admit that photos of the Milky Way seen from the ‘top’ are obviously CGI, nobody would tell you otherwise. We never actually leave Milky Way and it is not possible to take a real picture from outside of it. To flat-earthers, the fact that these pictures are made by CGI are being used as a ‘proof’ that the Milky Way doesn’t exist.

The fact that a photograph of the Earth is made by CGI can only be used to disqualify the photo in question from the very long list of the evidence for spherical Earth. But it can never be used to prove that the Earth is flat.

Absence of Evidence is not evidence of absence.



Photo: Anton Balazh – Shutterstock