Perth–Johannesburg Flight Route

Some flat-Earthers noticed some flights from Perth to Johannesburg have a flight change in Dubai. They use the fact to ‘prove’ a flat Earth. In reality, there are non-stop flights of the same route that are impossible to explain if the Earth is flat.

With a flight change in Dubai, the flight takes more than twice as long, as Dubai is nowhere near the non-stop flight path. In fact, Perth–Dubai is a longer hop than the direct Johannesburg–Perth route. These are consistent only with a spherical Earth and can never be explained if the Earth is flat.

Flight durations, according to Google Flights.

  • Perth–Johannesburg: 11h 10m. Johannesburg–Perth: 9h 5m. Average: 9h 37m
  • Perth–Dubai: 11h 0m. Dubai–Perth: 10h 50m. Average: 10h 55m
  • Dubai–Johannesburg: 8h 10m. Johannesburg–Dubai: 8h 0m. Average: 8h 5m