Perspective Compression: a Perspective Aid to Determine If a Curvature Exists

Soundly’s pictures and videos of Lake Pontchartrain power lines and causeway really stirred up flat-Earthers’ nests. They clearly show the curvature of the Earth, where it is usually hard to discern. For the rest of us, those pictures are simply the consequence of the fact that the Earth is a globe.

But obviously, flat-Earthers can’t take this, and they invented various excuses to attack the credibility of these pictures and videos. Some of them look for specific vantage point where it is impossible or very hard to discern the curvature.  They would conclude if the curvature can’t be seen from these viewpoints, then it should not be visible from Soundly’s viewpoints.

Soundly usually took the pictures and videos from near an end of the power lines or causeway. He used his high-zooming cameras and aimed to the other side of the power lines or causeway. This way, if there’s a curvature, then it would be easy to recognize. We would do the same thing if we want to see if a desk is flat, we would put our eyes near the same plane as the surface of the desk. This ‘perspective compression’ is an intuitive way to find out if curvature exists.

It is different with the flat-Earth crowd. They require the curvature —no matter how small— is visible from various angles. To go back to the desk analogy, they practically require that the curvature is visible when seen from the top of the table. “Or the curvature doesn’t exist!”

Just because they deliberately pick a viewpoint where it is impossible to recognize the curvature, it doesn’t mean the curvature is not there.