Space Flight and Temperature In The Thermosphere

Thermosphere is a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere from about 95 km­ to 600 km. It is named ‘thermosphere’ because its temperature increases with altitude. Temperature in the thermosphere can reach 2500°C.

Flat-earthers question this fact a lot:

“If temperature in the thermosphere can reach 2500°C, then how is it possible for human to travel to space? Not to mention that many satellites —including the ISS— are in the thermosphere.”

Short answer: air density in the thermosphere is much, much lower than at the surface of the Earth.

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The Philosophy of CGI

When a photo of spherical Earth is pointed out to flat-earthers, they would dismiss it as CGI in the blink of an eye; even if they haven’t done any analysis at all. They do this because their belief in flat-Earth is not evidence based, and any evidence contrary to their beliefs needs to be invalidated no matter how.

They are so used to doing it and sometimes they become confused by it themselves, to the point that they would take a slightest hint of digital manipulation of any picture of the Earth as an evidence of the flat Earth.

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Isaac Newton and The Law of Universal Gravitation

When flat-earth influencers want to ‘educate’ us, most of the time, they would begin by provoking our emotion. After provoked, our ability to rationally judge information diminishes. A common modus operandi is to defame scientists, and one of the most frequent victim is Isaac Newton.

Using selective quoting and alluding narrations, Newton is described as a fraud and his discovery of the law of universal gravitation was a mere hoax.

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Psychological Projection

Why do we believe in conspiracy theories? According to research, one reason is the so-called ‘psychological projection’.

‘Psychological projection’ is a phenomenon where someone denies their own attitude or traits and assumes instead that others are doing so. They see their own negative traits in others, even when the negative traits are not present in the others being accused.

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