Hot Air Balloon and the Force of Gravity

A hot air balloon rises because it has buoyancy. Buoyancy is the upward force that is exerted on the trapped hot air because its density is lower than the surrounding air. If buoyancy is greater than the force of gravity — or the weight of the balloon—, then the balloon will rise.

The basic physics escape most flat-Earthers. To them, the fact that a hot-air balloon rises is an ‘evidence’ that gravity does not exist. They believe things go up or down because of density. They are wrong.

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The Mockumentary ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

The film ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is a mockumentary. It is fictional but presented as if it is a real documentary. The film features guests like Donald Rumsfield, Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Vernon Walters, Buzz Aldrin, and Stanley Kubrick’s wife. In the film, they all pretend that the Moon landings are faked, and created in a studio by Stanley Kubrick.

There are many cut versions of the film circulated on the Internet. Usually, the ‘giveaways’ are cut to make the film more believable. Then, the film is presented as ‘evidence’ that Moon landings did not happen. Unfortunately, many believe these unfaithful versions of the film and don’t realize the events in the film are completely fictional.

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Antarctic Ice Domes: Not The Dome That is Supposedly Enclosing the Earth

An ice dome is one of many forms a glacier can take. It is an upright ice surface in the higher altitude portions of an ice cap or an ice sheet. There are many such features found on icy terrain. And Antarctica is no exception.

When an ice dome gets mentioned, flat-Earthers often confuse it with the mythical dome enclosing the Earth as described in most flat Earth model. No such dome actually exists.

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Perspective: Not the Reason a Sunset Occurs

One of the major holes in the flat-Earth model is the apparent motion of the Sun. The sun rises and sets once a day. But if the Earth is flat, then sunrises and sunsets should never happen, and the Sun would be visible all the time, from anywhere on Earth. In order to plug the hole and  ‘explain’ this problem, they invented an ad-hoc hypothesis that the Sun sets because of perspective.

The pretext is that an object appears closer to the horizon as it is moving away from the observer. They extrapolated this fact and wrongly assume that if it keeps going, then eventually it will appear to go down crossing the horizon line and is no longer visible.

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Humans Are Social Beings – Science is a Social Process

We often hear flat-Earthers ask if we have researched by ourselves all the things we claim. If we don’t research it by ourselves but rely only on information from third-party, then —according to them— we should never trust the information.

This is obviously wrong. Humans are social beings. In a lot of things, we don’t have a choice but to place trust in others, so we can continue with our lives. Even flat-Earthers are no exception.

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The Size of North America in Pictures of the Earth Taken From Space

How much of Earth we can see at once depends on our distance from the Earth. The closer we are to the surface of the Earth, then the smaller part of the Earth we can see at once. Conversely, the farther we are from the Earth, more of the Earth are visible to us.

The difference in the size of North America in these pictures relative to the size of the Earth is often presented as “evidence” that we have been lied to. In reality, it is simply a perspective effect. The pictures are taken from a different distance from the Earth and with a different camera field of view.

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