Nikola Tesla was not a Flat Earther

Nikola Tesla was a genuine physicist, engineer, and inventor. He knew very well that the Earth is a rotating sphere, gravity exists, stars are very far, planets are not stars, etc.

Flat-Earthers often claim Nikola Tesla as their own, as if he believed in a flat Earth. These claims are quickly proven wrong by merely reading some of Tesla’s writings. It is obvious from his writings that he was not a flat-Earther.

Some examples:

  • In his writing “The Disturbing Influence of Solar Radiation on the Wireless Transmission of Energy,” 1912-07-06, there is an illustration showing a spherical Earth.
  • In the pre-hearing interview by his legal counsel, there was plenty of illustrations showing spherical Earth, including one about the solar eclipse.
  • In his article “Famous Scientific Illusions,” he included a diagram of Earth and Moon (both are spherical, obviously), and another one about wireless energy transmission illustrated by spherical Earth.
  • In the article “Radio Power Will Revolutionize the World,” he included an illustration showing a rocket orbiting the spherical Earth, and another one about how to communicate with Mars using radio transmission.