Isaac Newton and The Law of Universal Gravitation

When flat-earth influencers want to ‘educate’ us, most of the time, they would begin by provoking our emotion. After provoked, our ability to rationally judge information diminishes. A common modus operandi is to defame scientists, and one of the most frequent victim is Isaac Newton.

Using selective quoting and alluding narrations, Newton is described as a fraud and his discovery of the law of universal gravitation was a mere hoax.

The fact is there is no doubt that Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation. The law describes how planets orbit the sun according to what was described in Kepler’s law. Newton also observed the same law is what is causing everyday objects to fall down to the Earth.

Newton simply admitted that he didn’t know what is causing gravity, and he had no choice but to leave that puzzle for future scientists. This fact is taken far out of context and used to defame Newton and his theory of universal gravitation. Just because Newton didn’t know what is causing gravity, does not mean the law of gravity is wrong.