Midnight Sun In Both Polar Regions: Proof That the Earth is Round

Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon when the Sun remains visible at midnight. This phenomenon occurs in the summer months in the north of Arctic Circle, and south of the Antarctic Circle.

The apparent motion of the Sun in both polar regions is different. In the north polar region, the Sun moves from left to right. On the other hand, in Antarctica, the Sun moves from right to left. It is not difficult to imagine that we all reside on a rotating sphere. There’s just no other explanation.

The flat-Earth model can explain the occurrence of the northern midnight sun. But it fails to explain that the same phenomenon also occurs in the southern polar region. We can expect ‘stubborn resistance’ if we bring this fact to any flat-Earther.

The fact remains, southern midnight Sun does happen. Given enough time and resources, anyone can travel there and verify the fact themselves.

How do we know midnight Sun in Antarctica happens…

Midnight sun phenomenon in the southern polar region is easy to verify. Anyone can go there and confirm the fact themselves.

But if we can’t afford to go to Antarctica to do our observations, how do we know midnight sun happens in Antarctica?

We can check out the testimonials of people who have already visited Antarctica. There are many of them and can be easily obtained on the Internet.

We can also check Google Books (or other similar sites), and search using the keyword “midnight sun Antarctica.” As of this writing, there are currently nearly 5000 hits. It is not realistic that every author in this list lied about the Antarctic midnight sun.

A Challenge

Anthony Powell —who made the famous Antarctic midnight-sun video on YouTube— is offering a free holiday to Antarctica for anyone who can prove there is no midnight sun in Antarctica.