2001 Mars Odyssey Launch Video

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Flat-Earthers often challenge us to provide a video of a rocket launch that was taken from the rocket itself, without interruption from launch to reaching space, as if it would convince them to accept that it is real and the Earth is a sphere.

The launch video of the 2001 Mars Odyssey mission easily fulfills their demand. But whether they can manage to accept the reality that Earth is a sphere is entirely another matter.

A typical pattern of flat-Earthers’ argument is to demand evidence that they think cannot be provided by the opposite party. If the opponent cannot provide it, they will use that as “evidence” that the opponent’s argument is invalid. This is the fallacy of one single proof. They demand a single proof that they themselves define and ignore the vast amount of other readily available evidence supporting the opponent’s position.

Sometimes the opponent can actually provide the proof they demand, just like in this particular case. If they are honest and consistent, they will accept that as proof. However, in most cases, flat-Earthers will have a tough time accepting it and even become offended by it. Their usual follow-up reaction is to demand another proof that they think is harder to provide than their previous one. This is the fallacy of moving the goalposts.