Inflation of Conflict

Inflation of conflict is reasoning that because scientists appear not to agree precisely on an issue, the entire field is assumed not credible, and no conclusion can be reached.

Inflation of conflict is a common flat-Earthers’ argument. They will look for scientists that appear to have conflicting opinions, blow the fact out of proportion, and conclude that both sides are wrong. In reality, the difference in opinions is likely not that fundamental or not even a difference in opinion. They will still agree that Earth is a rotating sphere in motion around the Sun.

All things considered, the fact that some scientists disagree with others only shows us that science is not done behind closed doors, agreed upon by people conspiring and lying to the rest of the world, like what flat-Earthers have been claiming.

Some examples:

  • Newton stated gravity is a force, but Einstein said it is an effect of spacetime curvature. Therefore, gravity does not exist.
  • Some astronauts said they could see stars, and others said they could not. Therefore, there are no astronauts.
  • Some scientists said they could not see Earth’s curvature from the stratosphere, while others said they could. Therefore, there is no curvature.
  • Some scientists said Earth is a sphere, while others said Earth is pear-shaped. Therefore, they don’t know the shape of the Earth.
  • Some scientists said the Sun is the center of the solar system, while other scientists stated that the center of the solar system is its barycenter. Therefore, they don’t know the center of the solar system.
  • Some astronauts stated that sound could not travel over space, while some sound is heard in some space videos. Therefore, they never went to space.