Airspeed of Long-Haul Commercial Passenger Flights

The durations of commercial passenger flights are useful proxy data for the distance between cities. They easily debunk flat-Earth. Flat-Earthers invented “explanations” that different airplanes have different airspeeds to dismiss the data. In reality, all current long-haul airliners have a similar cruising speed.

Using flight durations to compare the distance covered by the different flights only works if their airspeeds are similar. And they are indeed very similar. Of all the current airliners with the range over 5000 km, the maximum difference of airspeed is only about 12%, which is between the slowest Airbus A220 and the fastest Boeing 747. If we only consider airliners over the range of 10000 km, then the maximum difference is only about 10%, which is between Boeing 767 and 747.

The discrepancy showed by the flat-Earth model far exceeds 12%, and therefore the maximum difference between airspeeds of 12% is sufficient to demonstrate that the flat-Earth model does not work.

The Airspeeds and References