Misleading “Debunking” of the Lake Pontchartrain Power Lines Images

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The various images of the Lake Pontchartrain power lines taken by Soundly and others easily demonstrate the curvature of the Earth. In a desperate attempt to “debunk” the images, a group of flat-Earthers made an “analysis”, but failed to locate the correct power lines. They incorrectly “analyzed” another power lines on the same lake, just not the ones being presented as a demonstration of Earth’s curvature.

The erroneous “analysis” spread in flat-Earth communities as a hoax, as though it “debunks” the actual power lines in the demonstration.

The other power lines are shorter, run alongside the shore, and not straight. They are different from the ones used as a demonstration of Earth’s curvature, which are longer, perfectly straight and go across the lake.

To “prove” their points, these flat-Earthers made a small model using LEGO bricks on a table. Because they thought the power lines are not straight, they arranged the bricks to curve as well. When seen from the right side, it would appear similar to the pictures Soundly took. But if seen from the left, then it would be clear that the bricks were actually arranged in a curve, unlike the actual power lines used to demonstrate Earth’s curvature.

The unscrupulous flat-Earthers who made the “explanation” has already admitted their errors. However, they refused to take down the video and only added an obscure note in the description. As a flat Earth debunker, we encounter this hoax almost every week, and almost every time the Ponchartrain power lines get mentioned.

In various memes in circulation, they don’t include the images of their model seen from the left side as it will be obvious it is an incorrect model. Only the right side view is shown, and it can look somewhat convincing to unsuspecting potential victims if they are unaware of the entire situation.

Admission of Errors

The following is their admission of errors and the excuse they made for keeping the misleading video online.