Education vs. Propaganda

In our education, we are told that the Earth is a sphere because it is a sphere. It would be wrong if our educational system were to teach us that the Earth is flat.

Flat-Earthers claim that our educational system is a form of propaganda & indoctrination. In reality, we were told Earth is a sphere because it is a sphere. It would be misleading if they told us other than that. Propaganda & indoctrination is what is actually happening in flat-Earth communities themselves.

In flat Earth propaganda and indoctrination, the misinformation that Earth is flat is repeatedly stated and treated as true. There are plenty of emotional appeals to shield the subjects from reality. They tell us to avoid conflicting
evidence, or otherwise to find or invent the “explanation” for it.

On the other hand, in our educational system, we are told Earth is a sphere because it is, in fact, a sphere. It can be easily verified from personal observation, and our education fully encourages it. Unlike flat-Earth indoctrination, our education does not involve emotional appeals to keep us from reality.

Flat-Earthers cannot distinguish education from indoctrination & propaganda, and they purposefully blur the distinction to confuse their potential victims. However, it is easy to know which one from our education or flat-Earthers tells us the truth: we can observe nature ourselves. We provide several easy-to-perform observations in the category “Easy Observation and Experiments” that we can do to verify that Earth is indeed a sphere.