Composite Photos of the Earth

NASA has published several pictures of the Earth that are composites. It means the pictures were the result of combining many images into a single picture. In most cases, the source pictures were taken from low-orbiting satellites to obtain higher resolution pictures of the Earth.

Flat-Earthers discovered the photos are composites and claimed to have exposed “yet another evidence” of wrongdoing. They would publish this “findings” everywhere to turn us emotional. They are wrong. Nobody is covering the fact the pictures are composites, and there is no intention to deceive. Information that the photos are composites can be readily found in NASA’s website, far before the claimed “discovery” by flat-Earthers.

Some of them would take it further and claim that the fact the photos are composites are “proof” that there are no “real” photos of the Earth. They are wrong. There are many such pictures, which were taken in a single exposure.

And obviously, the existence of these composite pictures of Earth can never be used to prove a flat-Earth.