Curvature Analysis: (Allegedly) Myllom West Platform from Cleveleys, Fylde Coast

General Information

  • Claimed by: P1000 Coolpix (YouTube)
  • Object (claimed):
    • Name: Millom West Platform
    • Distance: 34.5 miles (55.5 km)
    • Height: unknown
  • Observer:
    • Location: Cleveleys, Fylde Coast, Lancashire.
    • Elevation: 24 ft (7.3 m)



  • The observer used Dizzib’s calculator which does not account for refraction.
  • A commenter informed that the object was probably not the Millom West Platform, but the Walney Substation 1. This is due to the fact there should be no wind turbines surrounding the Millom West Platform. However, there are other wind farms in the vicinity: West of Duddon Sands, Ormonde and Barrow. And the structure can belong to any of the wind farms.
  • The observer was too focused on the purported oil platform but failed to notice the ‘submarine’ wind turbines in the scene, which was clearly the result of the obstruction by Earth’s curvature. This is probably a case of inattentional blindness or the ‘invisible gorilla’ effect.
  • The fact that some wind turbines appear below the ground can only occur if the Earth is a sphere.