How to “Prove” a Basketball (or any Spherical Object) is Flat

If we were to magnify the surface of any spherical object with large enough magnification, then at some point, it would appear flat. This can be easily demonstrated using a macro lens as the Redditor ‘Useless-Pickles’ did. He magnified the surface of a basketball using an extreme macro lens as a philosophical demonstration.

This shows that the surface of a spherical object can easily look flat if the object is large enough, or the observer is small enough.  And the basis of all flat-Earthers’ belief that the horizon appears flat is insufficient to determine the shape of the Earth. By applying the same “logic” as these flat-Earthers, we can actually “prove” a basketball is flat, which, as we all know, is clearly wrong.

Some flat-Earthers misinterpreted the intention of Useless-Pickles doing the demonstration. They claimed it was done to “prove the Earth is a sphere.” They are wrong, and this is only a strawman attempt on their part. The demonstration was presented not to “prove the Earth is a sphere,” but to show that the particular evidence brought by flat-Earthers is not sufficient to prove a flat Earth. To determine the shape of the Earth, we have to look elsewhere.