Balloon Satellites

In the context of spaceflight, a satellite is an object that has been intentionally placed into orbit. A few of these satellites are balloon satellites. They are satellites that are inflated with gas after they have been put into orbit. There are also other human-made objects which are also called satellites, only placed in a much lower altitude, and with a very different operating method. These are actually regular high altitude balloon, but providing services traditionally provided by orbiting satellites.

Flat-Earthers deny the existence of satellites, and after they discovered the existence of balloon satellites, they started to use the fact as “proof” that orbiting satellites do not exist. It is the fallacy of hasty generalization. Using the same “logic” they are using, we can use the existence of trucks to “prove” buses don’t exist.

They are two types of balloon satellites:

  • Regular orbiting satellites that are inflated with gas after it has been put into orbit.
  • High altitude balloons. These are regular high-altitude balloons that provide services conventionally provided by regular orbiting satellites.

Without the balloon part, a balloon satellite can look like a regular orbiting satellite. A few of these balloon satellites crashed, and when flat-Earthers discovered them, they were quick to use the “discovery” as “proof” that regular orbiting satellites do not exist. In reality, both types of satellites exist and have their own specific purposes.

By using this argument, flat-Earthers are committing the fallacy of proof by example. Using the same “logic,” we can use the existence of trucks to ‘prove’ buses do not exist.