Density and the Balance Experiment

An object falls down because of Earth’s gravitational attraction. But some denominations of flat-Earth insist that an object falls down due to its density, not gravity.

By putting two objects of an equal density and different mass against each other using a balance, we can easily determine that the density of the object is not the reason it falls down.

In this experiment, we put a bucket containing 2 liters of water on one side and a bucket with 1 liter of water on the other side. This arrangement would cause the balance to tilt to the side that is holding 2 liters of water.

The objects on both sides have the same material (water), the same atmosphere surrounding it, and the same density. On the other hand, both have different mass and volume.

Flat-Earthers claim density is the reason why an object falls down. But as the experiment shows us, the balance is tilted to one side while holding two objects of the same density. There must be another reason why the balance is tilted; like, gravity?


  • The idea was taken from a Facebook post by Erik Yde Lauritsen