Apollo Astronauts and the Demand to Swear on the Bible

In the early 2000s, an unscrupulous Moon landing denialist lured Apollo astronauts into an audience with him under false pretenses. Then he insulted them as liars and pressed them to swear on the Bible that they went to the Moon.

Flat-Earthers use this incident as “evidence” that we never went to the Moon. In reality, the offender did not meet the astronauts with the best of intentions. This incident tells us more about the offender than it does about the astronauts.

The offender used faked press credentials to gain access to the astronauts and lured them into bogus interviews. He also stalked the astronauts to where they went, including their homes and workplaces.

In many cases, the offender started as if it were a genuine interview. Just before pressing the astronauts to swear on the Bibble, he revealed is intentions and accused the astronauts of being liars.

Most astronauts refused his demands. However, Alan Bean, Eugene Cernan, and Edgar Mitchell did swear on the Bible. Not that it changed anything, though. The offender still rejected them as liars.