April Fools’ Day Pranks About Flat Earth

April Fools’ Day is an annual custom on April 1, where people play practical jokes and pranks on each other and have fun trying to make other people believe things that are not true. Some of these pranks involve the “endorsement of flat Earth.”

After some time, it can be less obvious that these are just practical jokes created for April Fools’ Day, and many flat-Earthers fail to realize that they are the ones being joked about. In flat-Earth communities, some of these pranks are incorrectly regarded as genuine and end up as hoaxes.

Some examples:

  • The travel website KAYAK remodeled their website to use the flat Earth map, affecting flight paths and costs.
  • Groupon created a deal about “free Flat Earth Globe.”
  • MOVA, a maker of globes, created the “Flat Earth MOVA Globe.”
  • The weather app “Dark Sky,” created weather maps using the so-called flat Earth model.

Many of these pranks gave away subtle clues indicating that these are just practical jokes. Despite that, many flat Earthers are convinced that many of these pranks are actually genuine flat Earth endorsements. And even after being pointed out explicitly, they still do not want to accept that these are just pranks.