The Antarctic Treaty Conspiracy Theory

According to flat-Earthers, the shape of Earth is a flat circle. In the center is the north pole in the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica is not a continent, but instead an ice perimeter surrounding the ‘flat Earth.’

The problem is that there are people who visited Antarctica, and their information about Antarctica does not fit the flat Earth narration. To ‘deal with the problem,’ they invented conspiracy theory and assumed every person who claimed to have visited Antarctica is a part of the grand conspiracy; and they spread the information to deceive us. This way, flat-Earthers’ narration about Antarctica is no longer falsifiable. If something stands against them, their ‘solution’ is merely to add more people to the list of persons that are part of the grand conspiracy.

The existence of the Antarctic Treaty System is convenient. Flat-Earthers use it to support their narration.

According to flat-Earthers, the Antarctic Treaty System was created to prevent the world population from entering Antarctica. Their purpose is to conceal the ‘fact’ that the Earth is flat, or something like that.

Like everything else they claim, those only exist in their imagination. The real world Antarctic Treaty prohibits things like:

  • Claiming land as private property.
  • Doing mining operation.
  • Any nuclear-related operation.
  • Using it to dispose of waste.

Nowhere in the treaty is stated that regular people are not allowed to enter Antarctica.

Flat-Earthers will quickly invent the “explanation” that the contents of the Antarctic Treaty that is available for us to read are different from the real treaty, and only serve for the purpose to deceive us all. In that case, the burden of proof is with them. And so far, there’s no real proof they can bring to support their position.