Admiral Byrd: “An Area As Big As The United States on the Other Side of the South Pole”

According most flat earthers, there’s no such thing as the continent of Antarctica. In their imagination, Antarctica is not a continent, but  a long ice wall enclosing the Earth. Without having anything to prove that assumption, they look anywhere for any quote they can mine and stumbled into this quote by Admiral Byrd:

“Strangely enough, there is left in the world today, an area as big as the United States, that’s never been seen by a human being. And that’s beyond the pole, on the other side of the south pole from Little America.”

You can see the original interview here:

‘Little America’ is his base of operation in Antarctica.

Flat earthers love to overimagine things and because of their lack of knowledge, Byrd’s statement is interpreted that there are lands beyond this ice wall and ‘the powers’ are hiding these lands from us. ‘The powers’ are secretly exploiting these lands for their own purpose and are guarding every inch of them.

That’s a nice story and an uncritical person might even see it as reality. But if we take a good look at a map of Antarctica, and mark the location of Little America and the South Pole, it is not hard to see what Admiral Byrd had in mind.

At Byrd’s time, the other side of Antarctica was unexplored. Everyone who set his feet on Antarctica began their journey from practically the same side of Antarctica as Byrd did: the Ross Ice Shelf. No one had done it from the other side.

The other side of Antarctica was unexplored at that time. This is what Byrd was refering to. And taking ice shelves into account, the area of it is practically the same as the continental United States.